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Coral Garden Diving Center

Coral Garden Diving Center

Aqaba, Jordan

Rated 5.0 in 877 Reviews

Coral Garden Diving Center is a distinguished PADI Instructor Development Center situated in the vibrant city of Aqaba, Jordan, renowned for its varied diving and snorkelling activities in the stunning Red Sea. Known for their warm Jordanian hospitality and adherence to strict diving safety measures, the center offers an array of experiences from beginner trial dives to advanced-level PADI certifications, including tailored specialty courses and the sought-after enriched air nitrox course for those wishing to maximize their time underwater.

The adventure at Coral Garden starts just moments from the sparkling waters with both shore dives and opulent boat diving options at one's disposal. Divers of all skill levels can immerse themselves in the underwater spectacle of Aqaba's rich marine life, exploring thriving coral ecosystems, historical shipwrecks such as the Cedar Pride, and the distinctive Underwater Military Museum. The center's VIP tour service ensures an exclusive and personal experience, with seasoned instructors guiding adventurers through the most impressive dive sites for an enjoyable and secure journey beneath the waves.

Equipped with an on-site ScubaStore and being a Mares distributor, Coral Garden provides easy access to top-notch diving gear. Committed to enhancing your underwater journey, they offer professional underwater photography services to capture your moments amongst marine wonders.

Coral Garden's reputation for excellence is supported by outstanding reviews and testimonials from divers who have had unforgettable encounters above and below the sea. Whether snorkeling through the animated coral gardens or diving amongst submerged airplanes, Coral Garden Diving Center embodies Aqaba's rich diving heritage, delivering a mesmerizing Red Sea experience with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and safety.

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