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Kapowui Surf Lessons Santa Monica / Venice

Kapowui Surf Lessons Santa Monica / Venice

California, United States

Rated 5.0 in 4046 Reviews

Kapowui Surf Lessons, found on the shores of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, stands as a revered Southern Californian surf institution. As a family-run business, Kapowui has delivered enthusiast-driven surf instruction for years, harboring a deep passion for connecting others with the thrills of surfing. Recognized as the best surf school in Venice Beach for seven consecutive years, the committed staff embodies the aloha spirit and boasts extensive teaching experience. Their full immersion approach not only ensures a high success rate for students catching their first waves but also encompasses an introduction to the enigmatic surf culture.

Operating year-round, Kapowui provides a mobile service with a fleet of vans ready to meet students at convenient beachfront locations. Each lesson runs from 6 AM to 4 PM and includes all required equipment, with rigorous attention to cleanliness and quality. The first half of the session is dedicated to essential beachside instruction, covering practical and safety aspects of surfing, while the remainder is fully hands-on in the ocean waves. Joining Kapowui awards members with various perks and discounts, enhancing the entire experience beyond the lesson itself.

A session with Kapowui is more than just a lesson; it's an entry into a supportive community, offering a continuum of care from the moment clients book until they're riding waves with skill. Kapowui Surf Lessons encourages, supports, and celebrates every participant, regardless of whether they're fulfilling a bucket-list dream or embarking on a lifelong surfing journey. International Surfing Association-certified and recognized for its exceptional instruction and services, Kapowui is a prime choice for those in Los Angeles eager to take to the ocean and learn the art of surfing from passionate, dedicated professionals.

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