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Stoke Drift Surf School

Stoke Drift Surf School

Waikiki, Hawaii, United States

Rated 5.0 in 1274 Reviews

Stoke Drift Surf School offers surf lessons on the picturesque Waikiki Beach, providing students with a unique opportunity to learn surfing in an idyllic setting. Renowned for making the sport accessible and enjoyable, the school guarantees the surf experience to be one of the best parts of your Hawaii vacation, with 100% satisfaction or a full refund policy. They boast a line-up of patient instructors, safe equipment, and favorable gentle waves which cater to beginners and intermediates alike.

Surfing classes are available throughout the year with a scheduling system that allows students to book lessons online easily. The school offers both semi-private and private lessons accommodating different group sizes and individual needs. Whether it be a shared experience with friends or family or a one-on-one session for personalized attention, all participants are required to be swimmers to ensure safety. A key highlight is the convenient board rental option for past students who wish to practice their newfound skills without the overhead of purchasing a board.

The Stoke Drift Surf School is a stone's throw away from several major hotels, making it easily accessible to tourists staying in the area. Enthusiastic testimonials from previous students commend the supportive surf instructors and emphasize the fun, confidence-building atmosphere of the classes. Additionally, the school provides a professional photography service during lessons, capturing memorable moments of students riding the waves.

Positioned directly on Waikiki Beach, the school's location is not just beneficial for ease of access but also places learners at one of the best breaks for beginners, often referred to as 'Pops' or 'Populars'. The spot is celebrated for its long, less-intense waves suitable for those just getting their feet wet in the world of surfing. Stoke Drift also offers a collection of resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts, for those wanting to deepen their knowledge of surfing beyond practical lessons.

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